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Once Again The Underwater Studio Holds The Guinness World Record

 for the Longest Underwater Radio Broadcast







On Thursday 24th November 2011 BFBS's Richard Hatch took on a monumental challenge in order to break a Guinness World Record, not that we're going on about it...

Now standing at a whopping 4 Hours, 43 Minutes and 54 Seconds, did we mention that our very own Richard Hatch holds the Guinness World Record for Longest Underwater Radio Broadcast?

He holds the title after broadcasting his afternoon radio show more than 5 Metres underwater in a dive tank, smashing the existing record by nearly 40 minutes.

Featuring a host of guests including Toploader, comedian Patrick Monahan and the Fleet Diving Squadron, the show was not only Record Breaking but action packed too with an underwater bomb disposal demonstration, poolside music performances and the near impossible 'Pot Black Challenge' on a submerged pool table.

The World Record was done at The Underwater Studio with support from the studios Underwater Dive Team.